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We offer a wide range of traditional and unique perennials for all types of gardens, with sun & shade variations here at Country Colors Greenhouse.

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What is a perennial?

A perennial is a plant the will live for two or more years. They die off in the winter and then return again in the spring from their root stock. When talking about perennials, you could call them the bones of your garden because they come back year after year, making it possible to create a garden design with stability.

Depending on the amount of sun and water your garden experiences, there is a lovely perennial that will work for your garden. They grow and bloom throughout the spring and summer with beautiful color. Once they are finished blooming, their foliage provides a fantastic back drop of texture and interest for annuals. Hosta, fern, peonies, day lilies, and ornamental grasses are just a few of the perennials we offer you at Country Colors Greenhouse.

Our friendly and courteous staff is here to answer any question you may have. Our perennial options are listed below.  Please be advised these do vary upon availability, all of the plants listed here we have once grown or carried but does not necessarily mean we have them in stock.

All are subject to availability. Please call or email to confirm.

Variety Cultivar
Achillea-Yarrow Pomegranate
Achillea-Yarrow Gold Coin Dwarf
Achillea-Yarrow Angelique
Achillea-Yarrow Saucy seduction
Aconitum-Monkshood Napellus
Agastache-Mexican Hyssop Blue Fortune
Agastache-Mexican Hyssop Blue Boa
Agastache-Mexican Hyssop Heatwave
Agastache-Mexican Hyssop Purple Haze
Agastache-Mexican Hyssop Bolero
Agastache-Mexican Hyssop Summer Sunset
Ajuga Black Scallop
Alchemilla-Lady’s Mantle Mollis-Thriller
Allium Cernuum
Alstromeria Sweet Laura
Amsonia Blue Ice
Amsonia Blue Star
Anemone-Windflower Leveillei
Anemone-Windflower Pamina
Anemone-Windflower hybr. Whirlwind
Anemone-Windflower Robustissima
Anemone-Windflower Sylvestris
Aquilegia-Columbine Cardinal
Aquilegia-Columbine Blue Bird
Aquilegia-Columbine Biedermeir
Aralia c. Sun King
Armeria-Thrift or seapinks Splendens
Artemesia Silver Mound
Asarum Europaeum
Asclepias Soulmate
Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly Weed
Aster Raydon’s Favorite
Aster Blue Autumn
Aster October Skies
Aster Snow Flurry
Aster Wartburg Star
Astilbe Key West
Astilbe Key Largo
Astilbe Deift Lace
Astilbe Diamonds & Pearls
Astilbe Red Charm
Astilbe Straussenfeder thumbergii
Astilbe Visions
Astilbe Visions in Pink
Astilbe Visions in Red
Astilbe-chinensis Pumila
Astrantia Star of summer
Baptisia-False Indigo Starlite Prairie Blues
Baptisia-False Indigo Australis
Baptisia-False Indigo Screaming Yellow
Baptisia-False Indigo Twilite Prairie Blues
Bergenia Morning Red
Bletilla Hardy Orchid (striata)
Brunnera-Macrophylla Jack Frost
Buddleia-Butterfly Bush Black Knight
Buddleia-Butterfly Bush Miss Molly
Buddleia-Butterfly Bush Butterfly Heaven
Buddleia-Butterfly Bush Honeycomb
Buddleia-Butterfly Bush Low-n-Behold
Buddleia-Butterfly Bush Pink Delight
Buddleia-Butterfly Bush Royal Red
Buddleia-Butterfly Bush Santana
Buddleia-Butterfly Bush White Profusion
Campanula Blue Chips
Campanual Blue Waterfall
Campanual Silver Bells
Campanual Samantha
Campanual White Clips
Campanual-punctata Sarastro
Caryopteris First Choice
Centaurea-Bachelor Button Amethyst
Centaurea Black Sprite
Cerastium Snow in Summer
Ceratostigma Plumbago
Ceratostigma Plumbaginoides
Chelone Hot Lips
Cimicifuga Chocoholic
Clematis Rebecca
Clematis Jackmanii
Clematis Cherokee
Clematis Henryi
Clematis Jackmanni
Clematis Mrs. N. Thompson
Clematis Multi Blue
Clematis Proteus
Clematis Terniflora
Convallaria Bordeaux
Convallaria Lily of the Valley
Coreopsis Cosmic Eye
Coreopsis Full Moon
Coreopsis Nana
Coreopsis Jethro Tull
Coreopsis Star Cluster
Coreopsis Moonbeam
Coreopsis Ruby Frost
Coreopsis Zagreb
Corydalis Canary Feathers
Corydalis Lutea
Crocosmia Lucifer
Delosperma Tiffindell Magenta
Delosperma Nubigenum Basutoland
Delosperma Red Mountain
Delosperma Table Mountain
Delosperma Dark Blue
Delosperma Summer Blues
Delosperma Exaltatum
Delosperma Casa Blanca
Dendranthemum Mary Stoker
Dendranthemum Rhumba
Deutzia Chardonnay Pearls
Dianthus Heart Attack
Dianthus Neon Star
Dianthus Fire and Ice
Dianthus Pop Star
Dianthus Red Picotee
Dianthus Indian Carpet
Dicentra spectabilis (3-5 eye)
Dicentra spectabilis Alba
Dicentra Ivory Heart
Dicentra Luxuriant
Dicentra-Bleeding Heart Gold Hearts
Digitalis Dalmation Purple
Digitalis Dalamtion White
Dodecatheon Aphrodite
Dodecatheon Jeffreyi
Dodecatheon Meadia
Dracocephalum Blue Dragon
Echinacea- Coneflower Flamethrower
Echinacea- Coneflower Green Envy
Echinacea- Coneflower Hot Papaya
Echinacea- Coneflower Raspberry Truffle
Echinacea- Coneflower Firebird
Echinacea- Coneflower Marmalade
Echinacea- Coneflower All That Jazz
Echinacea- Coneflower Pow Wow White
Echinacea- Coneflower Pow Wow Wild Berry
Echinacea- Coneflower Razzmatazz
Echinacea- Coneflower Ruby Star
Epimedium Fire Dragon
Epimedium Frohnleiton
Epimedium Lilafee
Epimedium Youngianum Niveum
Erica Mediterranean Pink
Erimus Alpinus
Eryngium Blue Glitter
Eucomis Tugela Jade
Eucomis Tugela Ruby
Euonymous Albo Marginata
Eupatorium Little Joe
Euphorbia Bon Fire
Euhorbia-Cushion Spurge Ascot Rainbow
Fern Five Finger Maidenhair
Fern Hay Scented
Fern American Royal
Fern Dre’s Dagger
Fern Regal Red
Fern Robust Male Fern
Fern Shiny Bristle Fern
Fern Tokyo Wood
Fern Fancy
Fern Branford Beauty
Fern-Athyrium augustum Lady in Red
Fern-Athyrium nipponicum Japanese Painted Fern
Fern-Athyrium x Ghost Fern
Fern-Athyrium x Japanese Beech
Fern Golden Wood
Fern-Athyrium x Ostrich “The King”
Fern-Athyrium x Pictum
Fern-Dryopteris Filix-mas
Galium Sweet Woodruff
Gallardia-Blankey Flower Arizona Sun
Gallardia-Blankey Flower Fanfare
Gallardia-Blankey Flower Mesa Yellow
Gallardia-Blankey Flower Margarita
Gentiana Dahurica True Blue
Geranium-Cranesbill Dark Reiter
Geranium-Cranesbill New Hampshire Purple
Geranium-Cranesbill Rozanne
Geum Blazing Sunset
Geum Alabama Slammer
Grass Red Baron
Grass- Acorus Ogon
Grass- Calamagrostis Avalanche
Grass Karl Forester
Grass- Carex Evergold
Grass- Carex Island Brocade
Grass- Cortaderia Pumila
Grass- Festuca Elijah Blue
Grass- Hakonechloa Macra aureola
Grass- Liriope Liriope
Grass- Miscanthus Adagio
Grass- Miscanthus Gold Bar
Grass- Miscanthus Morning Light
Grass- Miscanthus Variegatus
Grass- Panicum Dallas Blues
Grass- Panicum Shenandoah
Grass- Pennisetum Karly Rose
Gypsophilia- Baby’s Breath Creeping White
Gypsophilia- Baby’s Breath Festival Star
Gypsophilia- Baby’s Breath Fairy-pink dwarf
Helenium- hybrid Can Can
Helianthemum Hartswood Ruby
Helianthemum Ben Nevis
Helianthemum Dazzler
Helianthus Happy Days
Heliopsis- False Sunflower Tuscan Sun
Helleborus Grape Galaxy
Helleborus Mix
Helleborus Red Racer
Hemerocallis-Daylily Barbara Mitchell (pink)
Hemerocallis-Daylily Janice Brown
Hemerocallis-Daylily Chicago Apache (red)
Hemerocallis-Daylily Sir Modred
Hemerocallis-Daylily Nosferatu
Hemerocallis-Daylily Mary Todd (yellow)
Hemerocallis-Daylily Ruffled Apricot
Hemerocallis-Daylily South Seas
Hemerocallis-Daylily Spider Miracle
Hemerocallis-Daylily Stella d’Oro
Hemerocallis-Daylily Stella Ruby
Hemerocallis-Daylily Stella Supreme
Heuchera-Coral Bells Amethyst Mist
Heuchera-Coral Bells Crimson Curls
Heuchera-Coral Bells Havana
Heuchera-Coral Bells Melting Fire
Heucherella Gold Zebra
Heucherella Redstone Falls
Heucherella Solar Eclipse
Heucherella Sweet Tea
Hibiscus Sweet Caroline
Hibiscus Holy Grail
Hibiscus Ballet Slippers
Hibiscus Luna
Hosta Wide Variety
Hypericum-St John’s Wort Albury Purple
Hypericum-St John’s Wort Briggadoon
Hypericum-St John’s Wort Sungold
Iberis Purity
Iris Caesars Brother
Iris Butter and Sugar
Iris Armagedon
Iris ensata Gusto
Iris Pallida Albovariegata
Iris Millennium
Iris Powder Blue Giant
Iris Pumila Fireplace Embers
Iris Pumila Smart
Iris Cherry
Iris Red Hawk
Iris ensata Lio
Kniphofia- Red Hot Poker Papaya Popsickle
Kniphofia- Red Hot Poker Redhot Popsickle
Lamium-spotted deadnettle Orchid Frost
Lamium-spotted deadnettle Purple Dragon
Lavendula-Lavendar Munstead
Lavendula-Lavendar Provence
Leptinella Platt’s Black
Leucanthemum-Shasta Daisy Banana Cream
Leucanthemum-Shasta Daisy Becky
Leucanthemum-Shasta Daisy Broadway Lights
Leucanthemum-Shasta Daisy Snowcap
Lewisia Cotyledon
Liatris Kobold original
Ligularia Midnight Lady
Ligularia- dentata Britt Marie Crawford
Ligularia- hybrid The Rocket
Ligularia Dragon Wings
LILY After Eight “pink/white”
LILY Angelique “pink/white”
LILY Farolito “Lt Pink”
LILY Salmon Classic “Salmon”
LILY Salmon Star “Salmon”
LILY Cobra
Lobelia Fan Deep Rose
Lobelia Fan Scarlet
Lobelia Fan Blue
Lobelia Monet Moment
Lobelia Fan Burgundy
Lonicera-Honeysuckle japonica John Clayton
Lonicera-Honeysuckle japonica Major Wheeler
Lonicera-Honeysuckle japonica Serotina (Late Dutch)
Lupinus Gallery Cherry
Lupinus Gallery Yellow
Lupinus Gallery Blue
Lychnis-Catchfly Plena-Jenny
Lysmachia Goldilocks
Lythrum-Purple Loosesrife Morden’s Gleam
Malva Purple Satin
Mertensia-Virginia Bluebells Virginica
Monarda-Beebalm Coral Reef
Monarde Fire Marshall
Monarde-Beebalm Jacob Cline-Red
Monarde-Beebalm Purple Rooster
Mukdenia r. Karasuba
Myosotis-Forget me nots Pink
Myosotis-Forget me nots Blue
Nepeta-Catmint Walkers Low
Nepeta-Catmint Subsessilis
Oenothera-Evening primrose Lemon Drop
Oenothera-Evening primrose Speciosa pink
Origanum- Oregano Kent Beauty
Origanum- Oregano Pilgrim
Paeonia-Peony (Tree) Houki
Paeonia-Peony (Tree) Hanakisoi
Paeonia-Peony (Tree) Kamatanis
Paeonia-Peony (Tree) Handaijin
Paeonia-Peony (Tree) High Noon
Paeonia-Peony (Tree) Kinkaku
Paeonia-Peony Mayapple
Paeonia-Peony Pink Firefly
Paeonia-Peony Kansas
Paeonia-Peony Shirley Temple
Paeonia-Peony Sarah Bernhardt
Papaver Flamenco Dancer
Papaver Orient Matador
Papaver Scarlet O’Hara
Papaver Manhattan
Papaver-Poppy Bolero
Papaver-Poppy Woodland
Penstemon-Beard Tongue Dark Towers
Penstemon-Beard Tongue Husker Red
Penstemon-Beard Tongue Miss Monet
Penstemon-Beard Tongue Sunburst Ruby
Penstemon-Beard Tongue Pinacolada- Violet
Penstemon mexicali Sunburst Ruby
Perovskia-Russian Sage Atriplicifolia
Perovskia-Russian Sage Little Spire
Phlox- Garden paniculata Bill Baker
Phlox- Garden paniculata Blue Moon
Phlox- Garden paniculata Blue Paradise
Phlox- Garden paniculata C.S. Bubblegum pink
Phlox- Garden paniculata Natural Feelings
Phlox- Garden paniculata Shockwave
Phlox- Garden paniculata Robert poore
Phlox- Garden paniculata Nicky
Phlox- Garden paniculata David (White)
Phlox- Garden paniculata Eva Cullum
Phlox- Garden paniculata Junior Dance
Phlox- Garden paniculata Flamingo
Phlox- Garden paniculata Red Super
Phlox- Garden paniculata Scarlet Flame
Phlox- Garden paniculata Emerald Blue
Phlox- Garden paniculata Snowflake
Physostegia-Obediant Plant Vivid
Platycodon-Balloonflower Sentimental Blue
Platycodon-Balloonflower Astra Pink
Polemonium-Jacob’s Ladder Bressingham Purple
Polemonium-Jacob’s Ladder Stairway to Heaven
Polygonatum Varigated Solomon’s Seal
Polygonatum Miniature Soloman’s Seal
Pulmonaria- Lungwort Majeste
Pulmonaria- Lungwort Raspberry Splash
Pulsatilla- Pasque Flower Red Clock
Pulsatilla- Pasque Flower Vulgaris
Ranunculus Flora Plena
Rodgersi- Rodger’s Flower Chocolate Wing
Rosemary Offianalis
Rosemary Offianalis
Rudbeckia- Black Eye Susan Goldstrum
Rudbeckia- Black Eye Susan Henry Eilers
Rudbeckia- Black Eye Susan Herbstsonne
Salvia-Meadow Sage Sweet 16
Salvia-Meadow Sage Eveline
Salvia-Meadow Sage n. Caradonna (Violet/Blue)
Salvia-Meadow Sage n. May Night
Saponaria ocvmoides
Saxifrage Purple Robe
Scabiosa- Pinsushion Flower Black Knight
Schizophragma Moonlight
Sedum-Stonecrop Acre
Sedum-Stonecrop Angeina
Sedum-Stonecrop Autumn Fire
Sedum Becca
Sedum-Stonecrop Bertram Anderson
Sedum-Stonecrop Cauticola
Sedum-Stonecrop Coral Reef
Sedum Shrubby Yellow Flower
Sedum Divergen
Sedum-Stonecrop Dragon’s Blood
Sedum-Stonecrop Eco
Sedum-Stonecrop Fuldaglow
Sedum-Stonecrop Goodbud
Sedum-Stonecrop John Creech
Sedum-Stonecrop Middendorf
Sedum-Stonecrop Rosy Glow
Sedum-Stonecrop Tricolor
Sedum-Stonecrop Voodoo
Sedum-Stonecrop Weinstephaner Gold
Sempervivum- Hen & Chick Kalinda
Sempervivum- Hen & Chick Kalinda
Sempervivum- Hen & Chick Red Beauty
Sempervivum- Hen & Chick Red Cobweb
Sempervivum- Hen & Chick Red Cobweb
Sempervivum- Hen & Chick Silver King
Solidago Fireworks
Syneilesis aconiticola  
Stachys b. Helen Von Stein
Stachys Hummelo
Stachys m. Robusta
Stachys Pink Cotton Candy
Stachys Pink Cotton Candy
Stachys Pow Wow
Stokesia Klaus Jelitto
Tanacetum Robinson Mixed
Tanacetum vulgare ‘Isla Gold’
Tradescantia Sweet Kate
Tradescantia Janets
Teucrium-germander purple Tails
Thermopsis Caroliniana
Thalictrum Evening Star
Thymus Doone Valley
Thymus Lemon Creeping
Thymus Magic Carpet
Thymus Mother of Thyme
Thymus Pink Chintz
Tiarella-Foam Flower Running tapestry
Tiarella-Foam Flower Spring Symphont
Tiarella-Foam Flower Stargazer Mercury
Tricyrtis Lighning Strike
Trollius c. Golden Queen
Veronica-Speedwell Atomic Blue
Veronica-Speedwell Atomic Lilac
Veronica-Speedwell Atomic Pink
Veronica-Speedwell Aztec Gold
Veronica-Speedwell Foxy Lady
Veronica-Speedwell Georgia Blue
Veronica-Speedwell Hocus Pocus
Veronica-Speedwell Ramona
Veronica-Speedwell Royal Candles
Veronica-Speedwell Sonja
Viola Etain
Viola Sweet Violet
Viola Rebecca
Viola Heartthob
Viola Sylvetta
Viola-white violet dissecta chaerophylloides
Yucca Garlands Gold
Yucca Color Guard